Building an AI app is a costly and intensive process both in time and monetary wise. Many of times you just don’t have the budget to build an expensive app,or you need to get into the market quickly to seize an opportunity. What would you choose? Slashing some main features of the app or look elsewhere to speed up the App development process?

If you’re looking elsewhere.. Look no further.

We designed your eureka platform ATOM.


ATOM is a knowledge-based AI platform designed by ATHAMAS. Our impeccable depth and breadth understanding on Enterprise Solutions, Athamas always strives to marry Enterprise Applications to trending technologies. This platform is a combination of intelligent decision-making algorithms and data sets, which enables developers to create a business solutions with minimal efforts. ATOM allows you to build applications for all verticals, which includes sophisticated domains like Banking & Financial Services Institutions (BFSI), Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Retail.

ATOM is powerhoused by cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, deep learning, NLG and NLP algorithms to provide users a perfect toolkit to build intelligent voice and text-based conversational applications.

ATOM is designed with a focus on wide range of enterprise use cases and also enables businesses to bring new, delightful user experiences. ATOM can help organizations to get succeed by simplifying complicated tasks into as simple as they are never been done before.

HR Assistant

Its good to TALK than to Tap and Type


The spectrum of conversational AI is broadening  which evolved human-like interactions with humans.

We built for you a mobile app with which you can talk and apply for leave and know your Salary details etc. All this is done by neatly configuring the app with your existing back-end systems

Isn’t really your HR assistant?

Let’s arrange a call and educate you more about this..