Cognitive Technologies

Artificial Intelligence


The era of AI is here…


Artificial Intelligence is rapidly evolving and performs acumen tasks besides the routine chores. AI has potential to penetrate into our routine works of life to all corners of business organisation.

The Computational capabilities of AI powered software makes colossal positive impact on the bottom-line of your business.

AI creates value only when it is properly acted upon to produce a human-defined outcome. Human- centric design is critical to the success of AI where lies our success.

Athamas ATOM Artificial intelligence platform enables organisations to automate, analyse and create a self-learning knowledge base. ATOM helps organisations to simplify and automate number of business processes on legacy as well as cutting edge systems.

Virtual Agents

The bots must be intelligent, building the conversations .We believe that Chatbots powered by Cognitive Computing technology will transform the way customers, employees and stakeholders’ interaction in the business. Our out of the box developers feed the brains to your bots that work persistently in diverse scenarios.

Stay ahead of the technical disruption, join hands with Athamas. Our success is the direct product of our obsessive, innovative team delivering cutting edge solutions.